Which equipment should I use?
VR Inn platform is created to avoid any hardware dependencies, and allow sites owners use any wide range of hardware on their sites. Currently two tracking systems are supported Optitrack Active Tracking and HTC Steam V2.0 Tracking and variety of hardware controllers.
What happens if I want to upgrade my equipment?
It it's supported you can do it easily, without the need to spend any amount on software.
How do I launch a game on site?
After getting access to our platform you should download VR Inn Launcher application for your server and client computers and install it. After that you can select games from available games list, download it, deploy and all PC's and just simply launch.
What happens if the equipment gets broken?
Depends on where from and with what conditions (usloviya kontrakta) you have purchased it. We recommend to purchase all equipment from dealers and with extended guarantee. Also, we recommend to have one additional package for hot changing of broken equipment.
Which software is needed?
To launch our games only VR Inn Launcher is needed, and also supporting software for your tracking system.

Still have a question? We will answer FAQ to those who would like to open their own VR Inn arcade

What is the price for the franchise?
We calculate the price individually, for each contractor, depending on the country and city you want to open the location in. The price includes your startup investment and a lump sum, which we'll provide once we have the initial details from you.
What is the payback period for my investment?
We estimate it to be around 12 months, but it largely depends on the location of your venue - and the market economic indicators.
What would be the lump sum for opening the location?
The lump sum varies according to your country of operation, and includes the market potential, the price for acquiring the franchise, and the value of the brand.
How large should my startup investment be?
Most commonly, the startup investment starts from USD 100,000. It is calculated including the price for the location you select (purchase or rental), any renovation expenses, cost of the hardware, and workplace expenses. For each of the newly opened locations, we will provide a customized financial model that includes the estimation of the ROI for VR Inn site our city. At this stage, we will be in close dialog with you regarding the local market and its peculiarities. We will need most specific marketing data from your side to provide the precise financial model.
What is the royalty amount? How often do I have to pay it?
The royalty amount is 15% of the turnover of your location, and it is paid on a monthly basis. Additionally it includes payment for the content.
What is the approximate monthly revenue I can get?
Your approximate income can be estimated with regard to the market analysis we conduct, and our original estimation for the venue in your selected geography.
What is VR Inn's role in the launch process of the new venue?
VR Inn provides any assistance needed throughout the entire launch process and onward. You will be assigned a personal manager, who will be responsible for coordinating and solving any organizational moments. You will also be receiving support from our Marketing and Analytical teams.
Can I purchase the franchise for a city that has fewer than 500,000 citizens?
It is plausible, after we evaluate the economic indicators in your city of choice.
Is there a possibility to open a mini VR Inn site?
We first have to analyze the characteristics of the location you've selected. A mini format is suitable for the sites no larger than 50 sq. meters.
Which legal documents do I have to sign to acquire the franchise?
We will be signing a franchise contract and a license agreement.
Do I need to choose the grounds for the site or will you be helping me?
We can recommend the preferable geographical spots in the city, which we believe to be most lucrative, and suggest the grounds options. We have location blueprints that can be applied to the grounds, and adjusted to match the specifics of the latter.
How much time is needed to open a new location?
Typically, launching a new site from the ground up takes 2 months from the moment the contract is signed to the moment the venue is ready for operation. Essentially, it depends on the grounds chosen for the location - whether any reconstruction or renovation works are needed.
Who will be responsible for the local VR Inn staff recruitment?
Unless stated otherwise in the contract, the recruitment process is the responsibility of the Franchisee. VR Inn will be providing the job descriptions and qualification requirements for the personnel, and will provide a guideline for venue's quality assurance.


Why should I use your marketplace?
Our marketplace is the only inclusive database of Full-Body Free-Roam VR content that operates on the open model. By accessing our marketplace you voluntarily extend the choice of VR content available for your venue.
How do I join the marketplace?
You contact us and we grant you access.
What does the marketplace provide exactly?
It provides you with Full-Body Free-Roam VR content that you can run on your sites. It also provides game developers with the opportunity to distribute their content through our platform and adjust it for any existing full-body VR technology.
Who is the marketplace made for?
Our marketplace is designed for the different audience:
  • VR location owners who have already launched their venues, purchased the necessary equipment, and are either looking for new full-body VR content.
  • New players in Seamless VR industry, who wants to launch and run his own site\chain.
  • Traditional and VR parks, who wants to add a new type of entertainment.
It is also designed for game developers, who look for content monetization platforms.

What is the pricing model?
There are no registration or subscription fees - you only pay for the launch player/sessions on your site. The minimum session time to be charged for is from 5 minutes.
Who creates the content for your marketplace?
The content is created by our in-house team, and also sourced by external game development companies.